Thursday, 18 February 2010

North Yorkshire in February

Well another trip to one of our favourite places, North Yorkshire. We stayed in Aysgarth again and a wonderful B&B. I received my first digital SLR for Christmas, so some of these pictures are my attempts at new techniques. The first picture is from the bridge at Aysgarth Falls. Simon has shown me how to focus on different areas. Here I am focusing on the empty branches.

One of our favourite techniques is the rushing water. With a compact camera, the water would be bubbly, but with slower shutter speeds, a running, smooth flow of water can be achieved.
I love the shelves of the middle falls at Aysgarth, something we havent really seen as we always go after a big rainfall.
Here again, I was focusing on the branches rather than the water, which is flowing smoothly.
Again, these lower falls are usually flooded, good to see them more calm.
The road from Hawes just before the buttertubs, looking west. From the B&B I could snow on the hilltops, so we had to head up high!! Its was noticeably a lot colder!
West Burton Falls or Cauldron Falls. Love the sun and the sunbubble.
Again, the lovely soft flowing water. Love the camera!
On the way to the falls, I stumbled across a log, blackened with bright green moss. The log was covered in holes and it fascinated me. I couldnt quite get the colours right, so this is the raw photo, no tweaking, which I will inevitably do later!
Second day on a lovely scenic route home. Little Fell maybe?
Travelling the road from Hawes to Nateby I suddenly said 'Stop!!!!' to Simon as we passed this icy waterfall. Took some getting to, the ground was absolutely sodden.
Top of the waterfall, slow shutter speed for the flowing water.

Think this is Fair Hill. Quite a few parked cars and walkers.
Some doggy paws from the walkers and cars parked beneath Fair Hill.

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